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"We specialize in equipment for locationg lawn valves.
The Chat-R-Box: A Revolutionary for Locating Valves
The Chat-R-Box has revolutionized the way you locate lost or hidden valves in your lawn irrigation system. With our cutting-edge technology, this innovative device will save you valuable time and money by swiftly and accurately pinpointing the location of your hidden lawn valves. Say goodbye to the frustrating and time-consuming task of manually searching for buried valves.
Click image for video w/sound
Click image for video w/sound
The Chat-R-Box is the original model invented in 2013 which now includes and LED. When connected the CRB emits a rapid chatter sound  at 20-30 times per second. (note - Pro model is more effective with Raindbird systems)1
The PRO version of the Chat-R-Box was developed in 2022 which includes an LED power indicator and produces 5-6 distinct clips per second.
How it works:
The Chat-R-Box interrupts the current going to your valve.  Once connect, and turned on,  it causes the solenoid to “chatter” or “click”, depending on the model you are using.

The setup is easy and only requires 4 steps.  1) turn off the water going to your irrigation system,  2) disconnect the valve wire from the controller, 3)  disconnect the valve wire and connect the Chat-R-Box between the valve wire and the station (or zone) terminal where you just removed the valve wire. 4) turn on the station under test and go listen for the "Chatter" or "Clicking" sound.

Some Toro valves are tough to find, using the Chat-R-Box which include Toro 53380, Toro 250/260 and Toro 254/264.

Included with the Chat-R-Box is a step by step directions for connecting the Chat-R-Box with some tips for locating your valves.
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